NATURAL REMEDY? 62 Year Old Gardener Struggling With Tennis Elbow, is Helped By $19.95 New Zealand Made Relief Cream

NATURAL REMEDY? 62 Year Old Gardener Struggling With Tennis Elbow, is Helped By $19.95 New Zealand Made Relief Cream


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After being left “spaced out” by a range of treatments for Tennis Elbow, Neil Morgan from Rangiora, North Canterbury claims he has been helped by a chemical-free, locally made cream called Relief Fx.

Neil, aged 62, began suffering with lateral epicondylitis (commonly known as tennis elbow) causing stiffness, swelling and discomfort in his joints, four years ago.

Neil Putting Relief Fx on Elbow
Neil, 62, is a full time gardener in North Canterbury who started experiencing problems 4 years ago.
Neil Morgan said he was able to continue working without the aching by using a natural New Zealand made cream costing just $13.95.

His symptoms became so severe he couldn’t continue working and was forced to reduce his working hours.

To get through the day he used a range of prescriptions which made him drowsy and suffer stomach issues.

But then he discovered a drug-free, New Zealand made, natural remedy called Relief Fx, which he claims has helped his condition.

Neil, a full time gardener, told Health Consumer: “I was amazed that within a few minutes of putting the cream on my shoulder, neck and elbows, the discomfort started to ease and the swelling decreased.”

“By the end of the first week I was able to start reducing my daily painkiller intake.”

Neil, from Rangiora, believes his condition was triggered by years working as a storeman, lifting heavy cases of tiles everyday.

Relief Fx Bottle on Table
All natural Relief Fx cream made locally in Christchurch by New Zealand owned and operated company Koru Nutrition.

Neil was taking strong anti-inflammatories, which he says left his dizzy and nauseous.

Neil said he was left “spaced out” by all the pills he had to take which left him “like a zombie and falling asleep all the time”.

“Other ligament creams stink. No one wants to walk around smelling like a rugby club rooms.”

His wife searched online for something to relieve his discomfort and discovered Relief Fx by Koru Nutrition.

It’s a chemical-free blend of natural essential oils and native ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, like manuka oil and antioxidants like eucalyptus and extracts of arnica.

According to the manufacturer’s website, Relief Fx is an “effective natural alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve daily discomforts.”

Neil claims the cream has helped him reduce his reliance on strong NSAIDs and “return to an almost normal life”.

“Almost immediately after using the cream, the aching in my elbows seems to soften and ease to the point I can easily bend my elbows and happily continue working.”

“The unexpected side effect was that I could get a full night’s sleep without the aching. It meant I had more energy in the day and was less irritable!” 

Neil Morgan holding a bottle of Relief Fx
Neil was skeptical about Relief Fx but was pleasantly surprised by the fast relief and now considers himself a 'real advocate'.

“I’ve already reordered because I’m back to my younger self again and there’s no way I’m letting that go!”

“I have no doubt Relief Fx is the real deal, if you’re thinking about trying it, don’t wait. I was most definitely a skeptic too, but trust me, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Benefits of Using Relief Fx

With so many advantages to its use documented over so long a period of time, it’s no wonder at all why Relief Fx has become one of New Zealand’s leading natural relief creams.

Countless doctors are recommending Relief Fx as an alternative to aggressive synthetic anti-inflammatories.

Dr Michael Girouard, M.D. explains, “A topical cream is so much more direct when you’re looking for fast relief.

Dr Michael Girouard, M.D. founder of the Girouard Centre in North Canterbury says, “A topical cream is so much more direct when you’re looking for fast relief. The popular painkillers and NSAIDs aren’t just hard on the stomach, they also take a while to get to the area of discomfort and build up. Relief Fx gets to work instantly.”

Over 14,653 Happy Customers and Counting

Reading the reviews you begin to see the reason for Relief Fx’s growing following in New Zealand and around the world.

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