Researchers Find Potential Key to Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes in Older Adults

Researchers Find Potential Key to Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes in Older Adults


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Finding helps explain why older individuals are at greater risks for heart disease.

University of Missouri Cardiovascular researchers Yusuke Higashi, PhD and Patrice Delafontaine, MD.

recent study by the University of Missouri shows that IGF-1 could help work towards preventing arteries from clogging. This could help lower the possibility of heart disease by limiting the volume of plaque in the arteries.

The research starts with an analysis of atherosclerosis, which simply means a condition that lets plaque build up in the arteries. This is bad because the plaque can build up and get stuck, which significantly increases the risks of heart attacks.

The researchers propose that introducing more IGF-1 into the bloodstream of a patient with atherosclerosis has potential benefits. The IGF-1 could affect the amount of plaque in the bloodstream, thus improving heart health and reducing the possibility of heart disease.


Macrophages, also known as a type of white blood cell, help eat plaque in the artery.

When IGF-1 is introduced into the bloodstream, it helps the macrophages consume more plaque. As we get older, our white blood cells begin to wane in performance. With the introduction of IGF-1, you can regain some of the macrophage’s effectiveness.

When IGF-1 is not found in the bloodstream, the macrophages change the plaque’s structure, which can cause the plaque to weaken, break, and could cause heart attacks.

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