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NATURAL REMEDY? 9 Year Old Boy Struggling with Eczema Prone Skin, is Helped by $19.95 Natural Soothing Cream

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After frantically searching for a natural solution, Kerry, a mother of two young boys, found an answer to her son’s skin rashes with Skin Fx.

Kerry’s son, Roman, had been suffering from eczema since he was a baby. Itchy, dry, sore, and bleeding skin was normal for him.

Roman, aged nine, has suffered with eczema all his life.

“When his eczema flares up, the itching can hinder his ability getting to sleep, making him overtired the following day.”

Now he’s 9, he’s aware of his eczema. It has become a point of embarrassment for him so I’ve been frantically looking for a solution.”

“I had always felt uncomfortable with using traditional synthetic creams as they left his skin bleached and blotted.”

“Until now it seemed to be the only thing that worked when his skin was in a nasty flare, but the eczema just came back again when I stopped using it.”

"When I would go to apply cream to his legs Roman would say,  “Please don’t comment Mum I know it's bad”. 

Roman started to hide his itching and broken skin from his Mum.

When I would go to apply cream to his legs Roman would say,  “Please don’t comment Mum I know it’s bad”. 

Kerry explained how a friend suggested that she try Koru Nutrition’ Skin Fx.

According to the manufacturers website, “Skin Fx is a natural cream that soothes dry, itchy and irritated skin without any steroids, toxins or dangerous chemicals.”

“I was suspicious at first as no other natural cream or moisturizer had made any difference in the past,” Kerry shared.

“I would hate to think how much money we had spent on different creams and potions to help his skin with no success.”

“But as a Mum, I will always give anything a go to help him. Within three weeks I was amazed by how clear and smooth his skin had become. “

Roman's legs before using Skin Fx each night.
Roman's legs after using Skin Fx.

“For me, I love Skin Fx because I know there are no nasty chemicals in it and it is safe for him to use and it works! “

Roman says he loves Skin Fx too because “it doesn’t sting, feel greasy or leave a strong odour.” 

“He can happily administer the right amount of cream himself with the pump bottle rather than the tubes and tubs that we have used in the past.”

“Because of this, I have seen him enjoy more independence in caring for his skin and he is stoked to not be itchy constantly anymore.” 

“Not only has Skin Fx helped with his last eczema flare-up but it has seemed to keep further flares at bay for the last month and we will continue to use it morning and night, especially in the cooler winter months.”

Roman With Skin Fx
Roman now uses Skin Fx every morning and night

Benefits of Using Skin Fx

Skin Fx is a natural cream that soothes dry, itchy and irritated skin without any steroids, toxins or dangerous chemicals.

SKIN Fx is a soothing, non-greasy formula with no chemicals, fillers or nasties.

The formulation contains 19 ingredients for fast, effective relief.

Skin Fx is based on the latest clinical studies, research, and scientific evidence to support maximum effectiveness in the shortest time possible.

Made in New Zealand, Skin Fx has just set the bar for naturally soothing skin irritations.

Over 22,568 Happy Customers and Counting

Reading the reviews you begin to see the reason for Skin Fx’s growing following in New Zealand and around the world.

Michele M Skin Fx Review
Christine D Skin Fx Review

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