Get Rid of Your Turmeric: How Rare New Zealand Oils Offer Hope for Faster Relief

Often times, the greatest change happens when someone becomes overly frustrated with the way things are, prompting them to create something better.
So when Cliff Bellaney, natural health veteran, was asked to create a natural formula for fast relief, he seized the opportunity.
The natural health veteran knew something that most people don’t…
There are several rare plants growing wild in New Zealand and Australia that can provide topical relief better than anything else on the planet.
After teaming up with world-class herbalists and chemists, a revolutionary formula was born.
Here’s what Cliff had to say about it…
“Each natural ingredient was chosen based on the latest clinical studies, research, and plenty of scientific evidence to support maximum effectiveness.
One of my favorite ingredients is a potent form of Eucalyptus called Eucalyptus Radiata. This native Australian tree features leaves with the highest cineole content of any eucalypt on the planet. It takes the edge off and soothes joint, muscle and nerve discomfort in a matter of minutes.
The noticeable difference comes from our unique essential oil blend of Almond, Arnica, Emu, Grapeseed, Marjoram, Peppermint, Juniper and Rosemary. All powerful oils in their own right but 11x as effective when combined.
Next up is a hand picked strain of Manuka Oil. Most people don’t think of manuka oil for topical relief because it is normally unable to penetrate the thick skin surrounding joints, muscles and nerves.
That’s where the next ingredient, a special black pepper and nutmeg oil blend, comes into play. This particular black pepper and nutmeg blend acts as a vasodilator. It opens up the blood vessels, which allows the Manuka Oil to penetrate thick skin for fast relief.
Finally we used Calendula Oil to bind it all together, acting as a perfect carrier. We tried 36 different oils before we found one that created synergy in this formula.
A simple combination of pure, all-natural oils, carefully blended for fast results.
The formula is called Relief Fx, and it has just set the bar for all-natural relief.”

Target the root cause of nerve discomfort!
You'll feel the difference...

Relief Fx! All-Natural Relief Instead of Counter-Irritation

Relief Fx works so well that you won’t believe it is all-natural. It has now sold thousands of bottles worldwide, mostly in New Zealand where it was created.
When the Koru Nutrition team realized how many lives this formula would change, they knew it was time to bring it to the USA.
Relief Fx is still proudly made in New Zealand in an MPI and GMP certified facility, but it is now imported and available online to U.S. residents.

Cliff Bellaney
Lead Formulator

"No Menthol" and "No Wintergreen" but "Yes to Eucalyptus Radiata and Manuka Oils!"

We asked Dr Michael Girouard, M.D., how Koru Nutrition’s Relief Fx is able to provide fast nerve relief without common ingredients like menthol or capsaicin?

He laughed and said, “menthol and similar ingredients work by counter-irritation. All they do is burn or freeze your skin to trick your senses in the area. That’s not real relief, it’s just adding a new source of discomfort.”

Relief Fx is different. It does not use hot or cold gimmicks. It actually penetrates the skin for fast, real relief.

We said NO to Capsaicin, because it causes skin reactions and is unsuitable for a lot of people.

Relief Fx has a natural peppermint scent that does not linger.

Quick and easy to use...

One problem with pills and powders is that your body has to digest it, which can take hours.

Why would you burden your entire body with pills or powders if you only have discomfort in select areas?

With this topical oil, the relief is fast and focused on the area where discomfort is being experienced.
No powders.
No pills.
Easy pump for powerful relief.

Don’t “Settle For Menthol.” Get Real Relief!

Eucalyptus Radiata

A rare breed of Eucalypt that has the highest cineole content on the planet and has effectively helped with joint, muscle and nerve discomfort for thousands of years.

Manuka Oil 

Manuka boasts many healing properties with clinical studies showing topical application of manuka oil inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, providing genuine relief from discomfort.

Unique Almond, Arnica, Emu, Grapeseed, Marjoram, Peppermint, Juniper, Rosemary and Nutmeg Blend

A genius blend of highly potent antioxidant rich oils that have been shown to provide fast relief.


This top graded carrier oil was selected as the bonding oil after testing 36 other varieties.

The ingredients in Relief Fx are safe, non-habit-forming, and drug-free.

It Worked For Them, And It Can Work For YOU!

Thousands of satisfied users are the best measure of Relief Fx’s success.

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If for any reason you're not fully satisfied, let us know within 60 days and we'll refund 100% of your money.

If we can't help you feel better, we don't deserve your money. It's our promise!

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