PERFECT COMBINATION? Mum Suffering With Chronic Knee Pain Hails Natural Formula A Life Changer

PERFECT COMBINATION? Mum Suffering With Chronic Knee Pain Hails Natural Formula A Life Changer


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For 21 long years, Kathy has experienced the aching and sleepless nights that come with chronic knee pain. After trying everything from krill oil capsules to teaspoons of raw turmeric, she thought she’d never know what it would be like to be pain-free again.

Kathy sought help everywhere she could, searching, as she puts it, “for a way to live without the aches and pains, especially when it was cold.”

Nothing worked. Instead, the aching and stiffness just kept getting worse.

Kathy said, ” I’d lie wide awake at night with my knees throbbing. I accepted this would be the rest of my life, assuming one day I’d need a knee replacement.”

After the first few days Kathy said she noticed, “a significant decrease in pain. The aching reduced and I was able to decent night’s sleep for the first time in years.

“What’s amazing to me is that this product was the only thing to work. I’ve taken some of the ingredients like turmeric and glucosamine before, but they didn’t work. But this combination works really well.”

18 months on, Kathy says, “the only time the aching came back was when I forgot to reorder. I’m now on their subscribe and save so that doesn’t happen anymore.”

"It was the one thing that worked to get rid of my aching knees and it hasn't stopped working which is even better!" - Kathy L.
Dr Michael Girouard M.D., has treated over 220,000 patients in his 38 years of service and says, "Joint pain can be helped but most people don't know what to do and lose hope."

Dr Girouard explains, “many people will go out and try the latest chondroitin, glucosamine, collagen or turmeric but the pains remains.”

“This is because on their own the ingredients can only do part of the job.”

“You need to combine ingredients that work synergistically together. When you get the right combination and the right ratios, that’s when you get the effect.”

“Joint Fx uses the synergism of its components to creates the extraordinary benefits its users feel.”

“For many people, myself included, Joint Fx provides the perfect balance of pain relief, anti-inflammatory support and vital nutrients the joint needs to repair itself. It’s the only natural product I would recommend because I’ve seen how effective it can be for a majority of patients.”

Reading JOINT Fx’s reviews it becomes apparent how many New Zealanders are benefiting from this natural alternative:

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