Obese Man Unveils Weight Loss Transformation After Dropping An Incredible 50lbs​

Obese Man Unveils Weight Loss Transformation After Dropping An Incredible 50lbs

After being left “disappointed” at not being able to lose weight for over 20 years, Tony, claims his life has been changed by Dr Girouard, a board certified weight management specialist with clinics in Cheyenne.

Tony, had tried to control his weight for 20 plus years.

“I’ve just about tried everything. I mean really everything. I would’ve spent thousands over the years.

“I tried high carb pre-made meals, calorie counting, hypnotherapy and all number of fad diets. A few of them worked for a bit but the results would never last and the weight came back on again. I was pretty disappointed by that.”

“It’s truly changed my life. My knees and hips are feeling better. I have more energy. I feel amazing.”

“My knees and hips got so painful from the weight that I couldn’t walk up the stairs to get inside.”

“I was tired all the time. Once I sat down on the couch for the evening that was it. I was there for the night.”

“When my wife Elaine told me I had an appointment with Dr Girouard I thought, ‘Here we bloody go again…’”

“Another plate, another diet, another lot of rules to stick with.”

Tony’s pharmacist said, “There was one place he should go to lose weight” and that was to Dr Girouard (pictured above).

“When we got there, Dr Girouard’s team asked some questions about my lifestyle, looked at my medications and ran some quick tests.”

“Other doctors said I needed to get my weight down to 198lbs but they said, “That’s not quite right. You’ll be losing muscle weight.”

“Dr Girouard explained that some people have more muscle and carry more muscle weight.”

“When I was younger I wasn’t skinny. I had huge forearms, did a lot of swimming, played a lot of football, all those sorts of things.”

“They looked at my medications and through the different results and said ‘I think we can help you.’”

“It was the best Tuesday ever. They actually GOT what we had been fighting for 20 years.”

“They started me on an injection and we discussed a few simple diet changes that I was comfortable with.”

“It was a breath of fresh air. Dr Girouard’s team genuinely cared and treated me with respect.”

Tony’s wife shared, “From the first week Tony began to lose weight. He just stopped being hungry. Whatever they had given him it was working. Tony was the one getting up off the couch to make the cups of tea.”

“Every minute of every day I was hungry, food was all I’d think about,” Tony explained.

“Ever since I started working with Dr Girouard’s medicine based protocol, I have not been hungry.”

“Imagine having a rash all over, itching like crazy all day, driving you mad. That was my hunger. Now imagine someone putting a cream on and it goes away. That was what Dr Girouard did for my hunger. It just disappeared and I was free.”

Tony spoke with true conviction for the interview, often repeating, “It’s truly changed my life.”

“I’ve got diabetes and have gone down from 120 units of insulin per day to only 8 units every second day and I believe I’ll be able to come right off it in the next few months.”

“My knees and hips are feeling better. I have more energy. I feel amazing.”

“Two people from work are already going. I’ll tell anyone who listens about Dr Girouard’s team and what they’ve done.”

“If you’re looking for help with weight go to Dr Girouard. Just have one appointment and see what it’s like. There’s no hurdles, it’s just easy.”

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