Plumber Plagued By Common Skin Condition, is Helped by $19.95 NZ Made Skin Cream​

Plumber Plagued By Common Skin Condition, Is Helped By $19.95 NZ Made Skin Cream

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"I've had eczema as long as I can remember. I get red, itchy and painful rashes that gradually spread across the backs of my knees and in my elbows."

Benjamin L. a plumber from Christchurch, has suffered with eczema since birth.

Benjamin says;

“I’ve had eczema as long as I can remember. I get red, itchy and painful rashes that gradually spread across the backs of my knees and in my elbows.”

“My eczema would sometimes get so bad my legs would be covered in blotches that would sting so badly I felt like someone had poured boiling water on me.”

“I had round red sores like cigarette burns in the small of my elbows which were raw and painful. Some days the pain was so bad I had to take pain killers. Sometimes it was so bad I could not even bend my arms.”

“Not only was I in agony, I was also very self conscious of how awful my arms and legs looked. I felt so embarrassed when I worked in people’s homes or went out with friends, it felt like people were staring at my elbows, sometime they even recoiled when they saw them.”

“It affected my confidence a great deal, so I’d often wear long trousers or long sleeve  shirts even on hot days. This only made the sores worse.”

“As a plumber, I found it hard to even work sometimes and having to meet clients with scaly arms and legs was really difficult. I tried everything from creams to steroids, anti-fungal creams and organic salves, nothing worked. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with everything from topical dermatitis or eczema to fungal infections.”

“Nothing really had any notably effect until I tried Koru Nutrition’s Skin Fx, which I tried on a recommendation.”

“Within just a few days of applying Skin Fx I noticed a real difference. The redness was much less and the itching calmed down a lot. After a month my arms and legs were hugely improved.”

“Now if I feel the first signs of itching I put the cream on immediately and it stops a flare up and within a few days the itching and redness goes away. I am delighted with the product and would recommend it to anyone with hand eczema or dermatitis.”

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