After feeling like a knee replacement was her only option, retiree finds comfort in natural health solution. - Health Consumer

After feeling like a knee replacement was her only option, retiree finds comfort in natural health solution.

NATURAL BREAKTHROUGH? Gardener Plagued by Knee Pain, Finds Natural NZ Remedy

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After suffering with knee pain for years, Janice claims she has been helped by a chemical-free, locally made, natural solution called Joint Fx.

Janice suddenly developed swelling in her knees, with painful bone on bone friction.

Janice said she was able to continue gardening without the aching by using a natural New Zealand made joint formula.

She explained how the pain and swelling was so severe she struggled to even go out into the garden she spent so much time on.

With the only option being a knee replacement, Janice felt out of luck.

But then she discovered a drug-free, New Zealand made, natural remedy called Joint Fx, which she claims has helped her condition.

Janice, a gardening fanatic, told Health Consumer: “It’s solving the problem, really it is.”

All-natural Joint Fx is made locally in Christchurch by the New Zealand owned and operated company Koru Nutrition.

Janice was considering what she thought was her only other option; a knee replacement, when she discovered Joint Fx by Koru Nutrition.

Joint Fx is a formulation that pairs nine ingredients found in nature that work together at the cellular level to support healthy joint function and mobility.

According to the manufacturer’s website, Joint Fx is a “triple action formula that combines 9 powerful ingredients to support the body’s natural pain-relieving, inflammation-fighting, and joint healing abilities. By supporting all three stages of the healing process, Joint Fx seems to work even when other supplements haven’t.” 


Janice was skeptical about Joint Fx, but was pleasantly surprised by the fast relief.

When asked about day to day life, Janice said “It’s improved because you’re not holding back all the time. You’re not worried because you can’t do too much.”

Janice claims she can just go out and do any old thing really. I can get up in the morning, and only if I think about it, I think “Oh my knees, I can’t even feel them!”

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Reading the reviews you begin to see the reason for Joint Fx’s growing following in New Zealand and around the world.

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