The Best Natural Sleep Aids​

5 Ingredients That Can Help You Get a Better Nights Sleep​

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Sometimes a restless sleep can leave us wondering how can we spend more time sleeping and less time awake.

Natural sleep aids are dietary and herbal supplements designed to help relieve insomnia and cases of temporary sleeplessness, such as a restless night or jet lag. They can also help you to reset your natural circadian clock which can get you back into a natural routine of sleep.

Here's The 5 Best Natural Sleep Ingredients

Image of Passionflower
Passion flower is native to North America

Passion Flower

Passion flower is recognized as a herbal sedative offering short-term sleep benefits by helping to reduce feelings of anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep. Often taken for sleep problems it is believed that it can help with anxiety and nervous disorders as well.

In a trial published in Phytotherapy Research, participants consumed passionflower over seven days. The study showed reported improvements in the quality of their sleep and may help adults manage mild sleep irregularities.

The Valerian flower which supplies the root is native to Europe and Asia.

Valerian Root

A highly regarded natural tranquilizer, this root has been used for centuries to combat sleep disorders. Proven in more than 16 clinical studies to improve sleep quality without side effects!

Valerian root contains a number of compounds which are said to promote sleep and reduce anxiety, it also contains the antioxidants hesperidin and linarin which appear to heave sedative and sleep-enhancing properties.

A double blind, placebo controlled study on Valerian published in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, showed a significant effect on poor sleep.

44% reported perfect sleep.

89% reported improved sleep.

No side effects were observed.


Recent research has concluded that zinc can vary the amount and quality of sleep.

Zinc doesn’t trigger sleep, but having adequate levels of zinc in the blood shortens the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, as well as increasing the time and quality of that sleep.

Researchers believe that once a certain blood level of zinc is reached, it crosses into the brain, activating signal pathways that promote sleep.

Vitamin B6

Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, show significantly higher self-rated sleep quality and significantly lower tiredness on waking after using vitamin B6 supplementation.

Vitamin B6 helps you sleep by converting amino acids into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate levels of the sleep hormone melatonin.


Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body.

Magnesium Aspartate

Boosts and activates your ‘sleep hormone’ (Melatonin) while relaxing and calming your nerves.

People with low magnesium levels often experience restless sleep, waking frequently during the night. Maintaining healthy magnesium levels often leads to a night of deeper, higher quality sleep, especially in people with already poor sleep.

Magnesium deficiency is very common among adults. Research estimates that nearly half of men and women aren’t getting enough magnesium. As people get older, their natural magnesium levels decline so it is important to get your magnesium from another source.

Better in Combination

If you’re looking for a non-habit forming, natural way to help you get a good night’s sleep, then using these ingredients  may be just what you need.

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